Desde cedo que a Moca Stone percebeu que trabalhar em cada projecto de forma próxima com os profissionais das áreas criativas e da construção é essencial para criar valor acrescentado nos nossos produtos e elevar a qualidade de cada projecto de cada um dos nossos Parceiros e Clientes internacionais.

Today, the Moca Stone group prides itself on having a distinct portfolio of offer, and follow-up services for each Customer, which allows us to timely understand the market needs and the demands of each final product. From the extraction of blocks in our quarries to the design and creativity of exclusive pieces, our professionals are cut out to work closely with you: this is the only way to respect the value of natural materials in every project.

EN – Promo Vídeo EN | 2021


moca-stone-architecture-creativity-sonhos-stone-design-1moca-stone-architecture-creativity-sonhos-stone-design-1 moca-stone-architecture-creativity-sonhos-stone-design-1

Moca Stone’s promotional video tells more than a stone can show: it tells the will of a company that has always modernized itself with a fundamental objective – to be at the side of professionals and customers in every challenge they have to respond to on their day -to-day.

If creativity is the material of your dreams, our stones will be the material of your success!



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